The ITTMes system software controls SDS interferometric tire testers.
Normal operation of the interferometric tire tester requires only little user interaction which makes it easy to operate this machine.

Using up to date programming techniques like multi-threading makes it easy for the operator to check the status of all running processes at any time and to allow user access to the system on demand.

Advanced system software safety mechanisms provide convenient exception and error handling. This makes the system well prepared to operate in a rough industrial environment.

Features of ITTMes software include:

Further options include:

Additionally to the system software ITTMes which controls the SDS interferometric tire tester,
the software package ITTView provides all functions to
view and archive the test results of the interferometric tire tester
independently from the testing procedure.
Through this it is possible to adjust the testing procedure to the operational conditions
and to meet upcoming regulations concerning documentation of workflows
and quality controls.

Features of ITTView include:

Optional features of ITTView include: