The Pressure Test System (by SDS) is a test system where
a tire is tested under two different pressure levels
(reference state = low pressure, load state = high pressure)
in order to detect and display any irregular deformations.
It provides a fast and reliable tool to find structural defects
such as broken or loose cables inside the tire.

The system software PTSServer fully controls the SDS pressure test system.
Normal operation of the pressure test system requires only little user
interaction which makes it safe and easy to operate this machine. No operator has to stand
nearby the tire during inflation. This completely eliminates the operator's personal risc
associated with manual pressure testing.
Using up to date programming techniques like multi-threading makes it easy for the operator 
to check the status of all running processes at every time and to interfere with the system on
Advanced system software safety mechanisms provide convenient exception and error
handling. This makes the system well prepared to operate in a rough industrial environment.

Features of PTSServer include:

This software tool provides all functions to view and archive the test results of the
pressure test system.

Features of PTSViewer include: